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Nutritional Support

Our office goal is to ensure you reach your health goals from the inside out. Through our office, our patients have access to the best whole food nutritional supplements in the market. The difference between us and a vitamin store is that you receive our professional expertise and follow up to help ensure that you get the most from a nutritional supplement program. Below is a list of some of the products we offer either in our office or through our online store. These products are ONLY available through a doctor's office and should only be taken after consulting with a doctor. Please call us anytime for more information on these or any other health product you may be interested in.

* Body Balance - liquid multi-vitamin / multi-mineral

* Osteo Omega Care - liquid calcium / vitamin D / Omega 3-6-9

* Osteo Pro Care - liquid calcium / vitamin D

* Flexeo Plus - liquid glucosamine / MSM

* TruBoost - all natural energy drink

* The Colon Cleanse Program -

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